Syötteen Taxi will serve you with over 40 years of experience :)

Atte Särkelä started with Taxi Services in 1957.  Getting a taxi was difficult at first when there was no phone in the taxi operator's home and the home was located at the end of a poor cart track. He had to move to a house along the road to live / on duty. There was no phone at the same time in the same house where the taxi worked, but information about the need for a ride came either with the postman or some villager ran the information to Atte. After a while, the phone was picked up at a house along the road, and a little later Atte built a phone line to his own home in Lähteenmäki. Initially, the main rides were sick, dance and loggers' rides .

Atte had to drive many different types of rides before the construction of the hotel and tourism began in Syötte. When the hotel was completed, the number of rides started to increase and we had to start thinking about how to take care of the rides. One car would no longer be enough, so Atte interviewed taxi entrepreneur from neighboring villages and one of them then started cooperating and they held the founding meeting of Syöte Taksigroup in 1980.

Syöte Taksigroup started its operations in December 1980, at the same time Restaurant Romekievari has opened its doors. The founding members of Taksigroup were 9 entrepreneur . Today, the ring includes 5 entrepreneur , including cars of 2 entrepreneurs are mainly handled by the services. During the busiest season, everyone in the Taxigroup has the opportunity to drive to the airport if the cars on the Syöte do not have time to drive.

The Taksigroup has a taxipole between Restaurant Romekievari and TunturiPub, only cars belonging to the group can be on duty at this pole. The other poles of Taksigroup are located on Pärjänkievari and in front of LumiArena. The break room is at the end of Romekievari, where the driver on duty can rest between rides.

In the Taxigroup, each driver has their own turn on duty in the area

ORDER A TAXI ON DUTY CAR FROM THE NUMBER +358 (0) 200 96 446 !! :)

Our drivers specialize in customer service. Everyone is a professional at work :) Our cars are minibuses 

(max. 8 passengers / car).

If your trip would otherwise end at the airport / bus station / train station, no worries, We will help you get to Syöte. If necessary, the suitcases can be carried in a trailer.

We are looking for you either:

From Oulu, Kuusamo, Rovaniemi or Kajaani airports

From Oulu, Rovaniemi or Kajaani railwaystation

From Oulu, Kuusamo, Pudasjärvi, Taivalkoski, Rovaniemi or Kajaani busstations

You can also order this ride in advance from 0200 96 446 and we will agree on the price for transport.